Introducing Matterway: The story behind our rebrand

August 14, 2020

There are some names we keep all our lives. And there are others we rapidly outgrow.

When we founded Productive Mobile in 2014, it was with a simple mission: to make people and companies more productive on their mobiles. Our name reflected that.

In the last few years, however, we’ve kept developing and honing our technology. We’ve also learned more about what it can do for our customers.

And, like an adult outgrowing a childhood nickname, we’ve discovered ‘Productive Mobile’ can’t convey everything we’ve become.

In this post, we’ll share our story, and explain why we’re now called Matterway.

It starts with an almost universal business issue that, for a long time, nobody could solve…

The impossible productivity problem

Have you ever noticed how IT applications at work are inefficient to use, compared to the digital services we use in our personal lives? You’re not the only one.

Why aren’t they tailored to support our workflows and the different tasks we’re trying to achieve, just like Airbnb, Uber or Amazon are? Wouldn’t we be so much more productive?

Despite the clear productivity benefits, few organizations have actually managed to deliver user-centric, simple IT applications to their employees. Instead, employees still have to use clunky and fragmented systems to get their work done.

Why? Making your business systems user-centric has traditionally been:

  • Too complex— due to the mighty capabilities and interconnected nature of such systems
  • Too expensive — requiring years of work and specialist skills
  • Too risky— requiring changes to mission-critical systems (akin to performing open heart surgery on your business)

Simply put, even if organizations wanted to increase their staff’s productivity, the complexity, cost, time and risk involved usually made doing so all but impossible.

How we discovered we could solve that problem

By the end of 2017, Productive Mobile was already working with 20% of the German DAX.

The technology we had developed was letting businesses take their existing enterprise applications, and deliver them on mobile — ensuring simple and convenient access, anytime and anywhere. We could do what no one else was able to do.

Then one of our clients — a manager at Porsche — came to us with a simple question.

We had started work with him to mobilize his approvals processes, and allow him to take decisions from a single mobile app. But, he told us, he had ten times more employees working on their laptops and desktops, struggling to use their clunky and fragmented IT applications to get their work done. Could we help simplify that as well?

Essentially, he understood that a more simple and convenient way of working with their IT applications could dramatically improve the productivity of his employees, and had asked for a solution — he had posed the impossible productivity problem.

Nothing new there. Except, this time, the question had been asked to a company with exactly the right technology needed to solve it. We would be able to do what he’d asked, and what’s more, we would be able to do it faster, with less effort and — importantly — without making any changes to existing IT systems.

A new mission, and a new name

We had discovered that our mission was much broader — and more exciting — than we ever thought.

Instead of helping people and companies be productive on their mobiles, we could help people and companies be more productive. Period.

The Matterway Platform allows you to create a UX and automation layer that sits on top of your existing systems, making them simpler to use, integrating different data sources, and automating tedious steps — whether your employees are on the go, or sat at their desk.

We call this layer the Digital Assistance.

And that’s when we realized: ‘Productive Mobile’ wouldn’t cut it anymore. It was too focused on Mobile and didn’t begin to convey the value we could now deliver for our customers.

But, you may ask, why did we choose ‘Matterway’?

Why not ‘Productive Technologies’? Or ‘ProductivityRocket’? Or any one of a thousand other more obviously descriptive names?

Here’s how we see it.


Matterway is a blank canvas onto which we project our new vision. It reflects the fact we’re helping people and companies focus on what truly matters. And, if we’re absolutely honest, we just really like the way it looks. So…

…hello. We’re Matterway. We can make your employees more productive.

If you want to know more about our new vision, read more about it here on this blog. We’ll be posting about the future of our technology — and of work in general.

But in the meantime… do you wish your employees could be more productive? Have you seen how they’re being held back by the increasing complexity of their IT applications? Do you think fixing this is impossible?

It isn’t.

We’re Matterway. The better way to work.

As originally published on Medium on 19.12.2018,