Accelerate your work
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  • and delight your customers
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Your employees waste 60% of their time due to digital friction: duplicate data entry, searching across silos, mindless copy-pasting and constant context switching. Every. Single. Day.

Matterway's Task Acceleration Platform helps eliminate friction, and save millions. All without changes to your IT.

Digital transformation that scales

Automating processes with RPA is great, but only suitable for a narrow set of workflows. Most real work is more complex - and your employees are your most valuable asset.

Go beyond RPA, and accelerate the daily work of your backoffice or operational teams, delivering fast RoI, with full employee buy-in, at scale.

Accelerating work in 3 simple ways

Task Acceleration is as universal, as it is powerful. Whatever your employees work on, be it in Operations, Procurement, HR, Customer Service or any other backoffice, Matterway helps accelerate their work in 3 simple ways:

Guiding through tasks step-by-step

Like a step by step wizard, Matterway guides employees across screens and systems from start to finish. It serves as a dynamic checklist, respects existing processes and lets your employees orchestrate their work effectively.

Simplifying actions and decisions

Clunky IT systems require tedious data lookups and redundant clicks to get anything done. Matterway automatically fetches relevant information from different sources, and shows the right data and actions at the right time, in a simple to digest way.

Automating redundant steps

While most tasks are complex, many steps are redundant. Matterway intelligently automates data fetching, data entry and navigation, and pre-fills forms for employees to review. This saves time and ensures employees remain in control.

Simple, secure, no IT changes

Introducing Matterway is simple. Via a browser plugin and desktop agent, Matterway bots reuse existing systems, and talk to any API. No changes to existing IT systems are required, and no migration of data or processes are necessary. And the best thing: Matterway runs 100% on your employees' computer, ensuring that you remain in control of your data.

This retro-fitting approach guarantees that Matterway will be your fastest initiative, with incredible returns, and buy-in from your most important stakeholders: your employees.

Task Acceleration in businesses like yours

Procurement in Automotive
Operations in Logistics
Procurement in Retail
HR Services in Pharmaceuticals
Global Mobility in Manufacturing
Operations in Financial Services

Helping buyers update data instantly

The buyers at a leading Car manufacturer regularly have to update their parts and order records based on change requests passed down by their R&D department. Each of these requests takes roughly 15 minutes to implement due to cumbersome navigation through various SAP interfaces.

The existing RPA capabilities were insufficient to tackle the problem due to escalating development cost driven by too high variance in the task. Additionally, low adoption of RPA bots was a concern.

Solution & Results
  • Task Acceleration provided the right mix between leveraging the buyer’s wisdom in handling the change requests, while automating as much of the task as possible in real-time.
  • With Matterway the task was accelerated by 80%, reducing the handling time from 12 minutes to 2.4 minutes, resulting in several 1000 hours of capacity savings per year.

Helping service agents delight customers

The order management team of a major European cargo logistics provider is handling customer orders. Handling one single order alone can sometimes take up to 2 hours due to effortful porting of data across systems. Lots of excel files ares used.

IT updates were typically not successful in making the day-to-day for employees easier. Often they were put on the backburner due to escalating system and process complexity.

Solution & Results
  • Over the course of just a few weeks Matterway produced five assistants helping along with parts of the order handling process each resulting in 0.5 to 1 FTE capacity release.
  • Employee satisfaction rose significantly due to the strong impact on their daily work.

Taking the friction out of the buyer's toolstack

Employee turnover in the procurement department of a leading French retail company is high. Employees are complaining about the poor usability of the tools across their purchasing process. Particularly effortful: the supplier nomination process and all the initial set-up work across scheduling agreements, tool financing and other aspects that is spread across 5 different systems.

Internal IT capacity was insufficient to provide a unifying workflow system due to their sizeable backlog earlier than 3 years down the line, but management expected results within the next 6 months.

Solution & Results
  • Matterway accelerated buyers along the supplier nomination process, automating partial steps whenever possible, while the buyer remained in full control of the process.
  • Process handling time was reduced by 45%
  • Buyer satisfaction went up by 15% which in turn reduced the reduced employee turnover by 6%

Making excellent service easy

In an effort to position itself as the leading employer in the chemicals industry, HR leadership set an ambitious goal to improve HR service quality. One of the main targets was to reduce turnaround time of more complex service requests, that consisted of many smaller steps.

The existing automation suite was deemed insufficient, as it could only automate linear processes inside the Microsoft Office suite, but not the complex, employee-driven nature of on- and offboarding processes spread across multiple tools.

Solution & Results
  • Task Acceleration was able to tie together the vast number of small workflows and reduce turnaround times by 60% on average within just half a year.
  • On top, the HR services team’s overall workload was reduced by 30%, enabling it to hire less agents going forward.

Reducing workload to achieve compliance

The EU’s Posted Workers Directive put the Global Mobility of a leading Swedish manufacturer in a tight spot. They either had to double team size, to accurately submit travel notifications to government authorities of 25+ European countries, or run the risk of incurring major penalties for not complying with legislation.

Their existing tax and IT consulting partners offered to help out by building integrations with each of the country portals from scratch - charging double of what it would take to double team size.

Solution & Results
  • With Task Acceleration, the assessment and posting of notifications to 25+ different government portals was greatly reduced in length and complexity and compressed into a short workflow that could be triggered out of the mobility manager’s inbox.
  • As a result, the client was able to maintain team size and increase their coverage of accurately submitted notifications from 15% to 99% within just 8 months.

Handling company growth through doubling employee capacity

The KYC team of a major German banking operations unit was put under considerable strain when the number of expected KYC checks more than doubled within less than 8 months. It had to react fast and considered doubling the employee count to run their complex KYC process.

  • Upgrading their IT systems to increase their capacity was not an option - internal IT’s roadmap heavily prioritised building customer-facing products.
  • Attended RPA, while initially seeming like a fitting alternative to help automate the KYC process, quickly turned out to require too many resources to map all the decision paths that an experienced KYC agent might take.
Solution & Results
  • Within only 3 months, Matterway had accelerated 40% of the KYC team’s workload by 60% (reduction in time required to complete the process). After another 4 months, another 50% of the team’s workload was accelerated to a similar degree.
  • In turn, team size did not have to be increased.

What our customers say

"This is the missing piece in our intelligent automation toolbox."

P2P Process Transformation Expert
German Chemicals Enterprise

"You know, after years of digitalisation projects, this is the first one that directly helps us as employees!"

Customer Service Center Team Lead
German Logistics Enterprise

“After seeing what Task Acceleration was capable of, we decided to put all competing RPA initiatives in the same field on hold.”

Head of Digitisation
German Manufacturing Enterprise

“This is the best thing since the invention of Visual Basic.”

IT Manager
German Packaging Materials Enterprise

“I want this so badly!”

after showing her an accelerated workflow as part of a PoC

"The truth is that we have found only one way to realize the full potential of digitized procurement: through a user-oriented, end-to-end transformation of the entire source-to-pay (S2P) process, so that the users involved in procurement can operate in a fully digital environment. That goal translates into a single focus for procurement digitization: the user experience."

Procurement Digitisation Lead
German Manufacturing Company

“Task Acceleration finally makes SAP more sexy for the user!”

Head of Procurement Digitisation
German Automotive Company

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