Simplification with Matterway

Free up your operational employees from busy work by removing digital friction from your softwares and processes

What creates Digital Friction

Your employees waste up to 60% of their time on duplicate data entry, searching across fragmented apps, mindless copy-pasting and constant context switching. These frictions prevent them from achieving their goals quickly and efficiently.

Tasks fragmented across IT systems

  • Constant navigation between pages and systems
  • Reconcile data across many sources and destinations
  • Reconcile the data on many data sources

Cluttered & complicated systems

  • Too many options presented all at once
  • Several actions required even for simple tasks
  • Unclear next steps or solutions for exceptional cases

Irritating forms & repetitive data entry

  • Copy-pasting the same data repeatedly between systems or documents
  • Typing the same templates over and over into forms without good defaults
  • Ambiguous labels and fields with special requirements but little explanation

Detective work across many sources

  • Looking up necessary information from several sources
  • Comparing dates and numbers across pages and documents
  • Identifying the correct data within interminable lists

Insufficient safeguards in error-prone systems

  • Forms that do not detect if actions are valid, and data is correct
  • Errors and popups that do not clearly explain where the problem lies
  • Starting a task over because of an undetected mistake at the beginning

A massive economic impact

By losing 30-50% of their time battling digital friction employees are tangled up in their tasks making work, frustrating for the employees as well as slow and costly for the organizations.

Introducing Matterway
  • to guide your employees
  • to reduce handling times
  • to empower your team
  • to make work simple
  • to improve compliance
  • to reduce errors and mistakes

Matterway accelerates your employees on their task, from start to finish, and reliably reduces handling times by up to 80%

Delivering a seamless work experience

Employees trigger Matterway like a smart checklist. It guides employees through each step, automating what is possible. Leaving employees to use their judgement where necessary.

The future of Intelligent Automation

Analysts across the industry are supporting our vision to augment employees with more powerful tools such as task acceleration rather than replacing them with a dystopian world of full automation

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